Custom Rubber Keychain

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      2 products

      What is PVC Keychain?

      PVC keychain is a commonly used keychain decoration in daily life. It is made of soft PVC, which is safe, non-toxic, soft, and has a good hand feel. The 3DPVC keychain has bright colors and a strong sense of three dimensionality, which can bring a strong visual effect. Therefore, it has become a very popular keychain option.

      What are the Advantages of PVC Keychains?

      These customized PVC rubber keychains are ideal for advertising, promotional activities, trade shows, and gift giving. Their unique style leaves a lasting impression, making them perfect for both individuals and businesses. For individuals, PVC keychains are a great storage buckle, making it easier to carry keys and preventing item loss. For business, they  can elevate your corporate image and reap the economic benefits of advertising with this versatile product.

      Why customize PVC keychain from GeekerCreate?

      GeekerCreate are bilk keychain manufacturer. We aim to provide customers with the best price and service, If you have difficulties in completing your design, please contact us and we will assist you. We provide accurate color matching service to help you match the color closest to your logo. We provide free proof service. The digital proof will be send to your confirmation before bulk production. Each step of the order will be carried out after your approval.

      How to Customize Your PVC keychain?

      GeekerCreate provide online customization services so that you can easily customize your PVC keychain. Customize your PVC keychains with your logo, name, and text, telephone number, address. Firstly, choose the custom logo option you want. Your keychain can have a molded front and a printed back. The back can be printed with your logo, address, telephone number and qr code. Them choose the cutting shape you want, any shape is available, like die-cut, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, etc. Finally, Choose the keychain accessory you want to make your keychain perfect.