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19 products

A brief introduction of keychain

The keychain is used for hanging keys. It is exquisite, portable, and diverse in shape. It is a daily decoration product that people carry with them every day. Choosing a keychain to match your favorite key can not only reflect your personal mood and personality, but also show your taste and bring you a happy mood.

Functions of keychain

Keychains are widely used in clothing, hotels, automobiles, tourism, electromechanical and other industries, as promotional gifts, birthday gifts, souvenirs, luggage tags, pet tags, backpack accessories, etc.

1. For promotional gift

The keychain can be customized in size, shape, pattern and logo to display and improve the brand image of the enterprise. It is an ideal gift for promotional advertising activities.

2. For birthday gift

The keychain can be customized with your own photos and attached with your Blessing words as a birthday gift or other holiday gift for your family, relatives, friends and colleagues to convey your thoughts and wishes. This customized keychain makes your loved one feel different.

3. For Souvenir

If you want to commemorate an unforgettable day, scenic spot, thing or person, etc. Customized key chain is a good choice. No matter where you have been or what you have done; Whether it's your wedding or the birth of your child - Customized key chains provide you with a simple, easy, practical and cheap way to save these special moments.

Types of keychain

The materials for making keychain are generally divided into metal, leather, plastic, wood, etc. Different materials have different effects and processes.

1. Plastic keychain

  ABS keychain

· ABS is a thermoplastic polymer structure with high strength, good toughness and easy processing.

· ABS key chain is durable, waterproof, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant.

· Full color printing, silk screen printing, gilding and other processes can be used

  Acrylic keychain

· The material is crystal clear, smooth, waterproof and environmentally friendly.

· UV printing can be used, with bright colors and clear printing patterns.

· Use laser or masonry cutting to make the edges smooth.

  Soft PVC keychain

· The adhesive dropping process is used, which is soft, comfortable and not easy to deform.

· Various modeling, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation model, etc.

· Various effects, including plane, 2D stereo, 3D stereo, etc. 

2. Metal key chain

· Exquisite workmanship, obvious concavity and convexity, and texture.

· High hardness, durability and wear resistance.

· It can be electroplated with gold, silver and copper in different metal colors.

3. Wooden key chain

· High quality wood is used as raw material, which is thick, smooth, and beautiful in texture.

· Various styles, exquisite workmanship, high-end atmosphere.

· Laser engraving, silk screen printing, hollowing and other processing technologies can be used. 

4. Leather keychain

· It is made of high-quality PU leather, which is soft, comfortable and textured.

· Simple, fashionable and stylish.

· Imprinting, printing, laser and other processes can be used.