11 products

      11 products

      Lightsabers Feature:

      1.The lightsaber supports the duel. There are flashes in conflict and shock wave modes.

      2.Ultra loud sound and high brightness.

      3.The Lightsabers blade can be removed. Please do not open or take down the hilt of lightsaber.

      4.Not waterproof. Please charge the Lightsaber at least one time of each month.

      About Shipping

      1. Shipping by DHL/FedEx door to door.

      2. Production about 3-5 days.

      3. Transportation time normally 5-7 days, if peak period like Christmas season, shipping about 10-12 days.

      About after sale:

      1. the product can be disassembled. If the blade is damaged during the fight, you can buy a new blade,You can buy spare blades in my shop, any size you need
      2. in the transportation process, please keep the phone open, DHL must not contact you.
      3. we will check the quality of products before shipment. If you receive quality problems after receiving the products, please contact us to solve them.

      How To Play

      1. Switch: short press start (vibration 1 loosening), long press 4 seconds to shut down (vibration 5 times).

      2. Switching light mode: after boot, short press switch light effect (vibration 1 loosening), then cycle.

      3. Light mode and switch: after boot, press 2 seconds to loosen (vibrate 2 times), open or close the sword mode.

      4. When the sword is opened, touch lightly (vibration 1 times) and switch the sword's light effect.

      5. Volume high school low switch: after boot, press 3.5 seconds to loosen (vibrate 4 times), switch the voice loud, medium and small in turn.

      6. Light and color switch: after boot, press 3 seconds to loosen (vibrate 3 times) to switch color.

      7. Click to turn on the lightsaber, long press for three seconds to turn off the lightsaber.

      8. When saber is on, tapping button plays blaster sound, holding button for 1 second and tapping plays lock up on a loop, tapping button again ends lockup loop.

      9. Holding button for 2 seconds and long press to select colors,release the button to confirm.

      10. When saber is off long press for 1 second and release the button to select sound fonts.Long press for 1 second go to the next sound font.

      About Charging

      connect the DC end of the charging line to the lightsaber charge hole, and the USB end are connected to the charging seat of the output parameter 5V1A of the equipment (adapter, PC, cell phone charger, etc.) with a USB port. When charging, the button aperture "breathe" starts to recharge, and the battery is filled with light. The charging time is usually 2-3 hours. The charging seats are different and charging time is different.

      About Functions

      10 sets of sound effects: each set has the sound effect of the switch machine, the standby (background) sound effect, the swords effect, the sound effect, the sound effect, the switching sound effect, the low power sound effect and the charge effect...

      Light effect: flame mode, full bright mode, high and low brightness regulation, breathing mode, heartbeat mode, flickering mode, explosive flashing mode spelling sword;

      Volume regulation and mute mode: volume high school low regulation, mute function;

      Memory function: light effect memory, sound effect memory;

      Vibration special effect: switch machine vibration, switch vibration.


      1.This product is a LED luminous toy. Long time direct vision may affect your eyesight.

      2.The left and right screws of the handle of the hilt are fixed, and can be rotated.

      3.The screws on the handle are used for fixing internal fittings. No dismantling is allowed.

      4.Please do not charge the product with more than 5v-1A power supply. Do not put lightsabers in water, charge them at least once a month.